Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing also known as micro-pigmentation or semi- permanent makeup is the art and science of implanting colour into your skin. A specialized tattooing pen like device is used to implant the colour pigments into the dermis layer of skin producing designs that resemble makeup and used to enhance your facial features such as eyebrows, eyes and lips with a soft natural appearance. Each treatment is specifically design to suit the individuals skin type, skin tone and facial structure.

Paramedical tattooing is used for patients who suffer from scars, alopecia, vitiligo or have scars from accidents or surgery.

All cosmetic tattooing will fade over time because of the semi permanent nature of the pigments used.

Who benefits from cosmetic tattooing?

  • People who have trouble applying makeup
  • Have an active or busy lifestyle
  • Want to enhance their features
  • Have poor eyesight
  • Someone who wants freckles or a beauty spot
  • Have arthritis or unsteady hands
  • Suffer from allergies to makeup
  • Have thinning or no eyebrows
  • Have had a facelift
  • Have scars from surgery or an accident
  • Have had Breast surgery


  • Feather Stroke Eyebrows

    Natural simulated hair strokes used to fill in brows to create the illusion of neat full brows. Not recommended for oily skin.

  • Powder Eyebrows

    soft powdered makeup look for your brows suits all skin types

  • Ombre Eyebrows

    Bold makeup look brows that are darker at the tail and arch of the brow then fade out for an ombre look. Suitable for all skin types

  • Designer Eyebrows

    Created over two sessions combining hair stroke and shading to create more density. Perfect for light haired beauties that want more definition.

  • Freckles

    Simulated natural looking freckles placed exactly wher you want them

  • Beauty Spot

    Simulated natural looking beauty spot placed exactly where you want

  • Perfection Visit

    A perfection visit 4-6 weeks after the first procedure is recommended for lasting results.

  • Annual Colour Boost

    Annual colour boost available at a reduced price for existing cosmetic tattoos done by Eternal Beauty by Aurora

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it last?

    Micro pigmentation can last a long time but not forever. It has benn known to last for 3-7 years but depends on a lot of factors. Such as your metabolism, any medications you are on, a smoker, exposure to the sun or the type of skin you have, oily skin doesn’t last quite as long as dry skin. Lighter coloured pigments may also fade faster then darker coloured pigments. You may require an annual refresh visit also called a colour boost, which I offer at a reduced price.

  • I am afraid of pain…will the procedure hurt?

    Sensations can vary from person to person. Topical anesthetics have been developed especially for permanent makeup procedures to significantly reduce discomfort and can be obtained through a prescription. However some people still experience some level of discomfort. On a scale of 1-10 the pain will be somewhere between 0-3.

  • How long will it take to recover?

    Swelling lasts from 2-72hours after the procedure. There maybe some tenderness for the first few days. The colour implanted will appear darker for the first 5-10 days. This is because the colour appears in both the epidermis and dermis layer of skin. The colour will flake off the top layer of skin during the healing process lightening the overall effect. You will then be viewing the colour through a veil of skin. This true colour will appear once the area is fully healed in 4-6 weeks. Most people do not need to take time off work.

  • Do I need a consultation?

    If you have any questions, Aurora offers free consultations to discuss your options and expectations. Below is a list of reasons you will need to book in for a consultation with Aurora before the procedure.

  • If you have had the area tattooed by someone else before. I will need to evaluate the tattoo before I agree to do it.
  • If you have any skin conditions
  • Medical conditions
  • Heart conditions
  • Have any allergies
  • If you are on any medications
  • Have had any cancer treatments within the last 12 months
  • Are booking in for a camouflage treatment

What they say about our laser, beauty, skin and cosmetic services

Very professional regarding Covid 19 regulations.And so happy with the new eyebrows after all these months!
Bessbess F.
07:13 04 Jun 20
Excellent Service. So happy for you to be back open
Ashley W.
09:39 03 Jun 20
It was so great to back in to see Sally yesterday! I had a much needed brow wax and tint (overhaul!) and a pigmentation laser treatment. As usual Sally delivered amazing results and her attention to detail was exceptional! I'm so happy and highly recommend Sally and her wonderful team.
Julie W.
03:59 02 Jun 20
The girls are without a doubt the best. When we were in lockdown they rang to see if i was alright, nobody or business has ever done that. They are brilliant in the way they present themselves and the way they treat their clients. I cant say enough.
ann P.
01:47 02 Jun 20
The ladies at Laser Me and Beauty are fantastic. I felt very comfortable there having a Brazilian laser and happy with the results. I would certainly recommend them.
Dave H
20:05 21 Jan 20
The ladies at Laser Me and Beauty are fantastic. I felt very comfortable there having a Brazilian laser and happy with the results. I would certainly recommend them.
Dave H
19:10 21 Jan 20
The ladies at Laser Me and Beauty are fantastic. I felt very comfortable there having a Brazilian laser and happy with the results. I would certainly recommend them.
Dave H
10:25 20 Jan 20
The ladies at Laser Me and Beauty are fantastic. I felt very comfortable there having a Brazilian laser and happy with the results. I would certainly recommend them.
Dave H
22:34 19 Jan 20
Sally & her team at Laser Me & Beauty are Five Star! They’re always super kind, suggestive with suitable treatments and products and are always competitive with pricing! Their service is second to none! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my Laser Treatments!
Bianca M.
08:50 28 Nov 19
Iv had both laser hair removal and a laser facial to remove pigmentation (freckles) by the ladies at Laser me and Beauty. I highly recommend going here for all your beauty needs. They were very friendly and professional and I am more then happy with my results. I will definitely be returning for more treatments soon. I want to get RF on my tummy to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks and loose skin. Can not wait!
Aurora D.
06:34 04 Nov 19
Best facial! I had the retinol peel and LED light therapy. One of the best results I've ever had. Skin was glowing for weeks and pores were reduced so much hardly visible. Very professional and well knowledged with reasonable pricing. Definitely going to keep coming back here!
Ianni M.
20:50 29 Oct 19
I have had numerous treatments at Laser Me and Beauty. Sally and her team are always a pleasure to deal with. The facials are amazing, so relaxing! I’ve also bought take home products and they are simple to use but so effective. Couldn’t recommend Laser Me and Beauty enough.
Steph H.
02:29 29 Oct 19
Firstly I had my teeth whitened here and I was amazed at how quickly it whitened my teeth, they have amazing skin products Murad that I now use religiously after making my skin glow and feel so much better. The laser treatments are comfortable and work wonders. Can’t wait to try some skin treatments next time I’m there.
Nixons C.
00:32 29 Oct 19
The Hot Stone Massage I received of sally this afternoon was a 10 out of 10 so nice and relaxing would highly recommend it
Alyce Maree D.
06:21 16 Oct 19
Had eyebrow wax/tint and eyelash tint. Loved the care and effort that Sally put into doing this and I love love love the results.
Kylie A.
14:33 30 Aug 19
Excellent proffesional and friendly service
Jemmima W.
08:38 22 Aug 19
Taelyn treated my face today and it has gone from feeling so rough & dry to smooth & soft. Excellent individualised treatment! Thank you so much and I'll be back soon 😁
Ally J.
08:27 18 Jul 19
My skin has never felt better. Yesterday I added the led light treatment to my facial and now my skin is so soft and glowing! Laser is also amazing here.
Emily M.
21:38 09 Jul 19
Sally and her team could not be any more welcoming and professional. The laser results totally speak for themselves. I had been getting treatments elsewhere for years but LM&B had my issues sorted so quickly. Sally offers amazing package deals too. Excellent results and value for money. Thanks so much
Dionne H.
09:29 07 Jul 19
been coming here for a few months for laser with great results but just had a hot stone massage.... OMG it was so relaxing it was amazing I booked another... thank you
Trish W.
06:32 05 Jul 19
I’ve been seeing Sally and her team since they opened and the results are amazing. I started with laser treatment and now I visit the girls for facials, massage and teeth whitening. I also just started purchasing facial creams and cleansers which I am having great results with. Sally and her team are amazing, thanks again girls x
Kristin De S.
06:30 12 Apr 19
Love the results. Have recommended Laser Me and Beauty to my friends, and they love their results as well.
Sally and her team are professional, welcoming and caring!
Janelle P.
20:32 25 Jan 19
Sally & her girls are the best! Quick, friendly & the best service!
Shannon C.
23:34 20 Dec 18
I used the ASAP cleanser and Scrub in the shower tonight. When I hopped out I used this pack from laser me and beauty as well as the ASAP night cream. This pack there is B+R Serum and a little bottle of DNA cream face feels amazing. I recommend you buy one of this packs your skin will feel great. Thank you Sally for recommending the pack after my awesome facial there is two other packs but go to see sally and her team they will tell u which one is better for you. I give laser me and beauty 5 stars. Great team of beauty therapists.
Tammy J.
09:57 16 Nov 18
I love my henna brows..highly recommend laser me and beauty. so happy . especially as my brows are so light and really non existent on the ends.
thanks again ❤
Kylie Turner F.
20:28 10 Sep 18
Hot Rock massage by Taelyn is absolutely perfect!
Soooo relaxing..Thank you
Katie K.
07:22 01 Aug 18
Love it here! Sally is awesome!
Josephine Aloe G.
10:09 13 Jul 18
Myself and my mum have been getting laser hair removal treatments over the past 3 months and I highly recommend this place! Great service and great prices, we are so incredibly happy when the results �
Tay T.
12:23 23 Jun 18
The facial Sally had perfromed on me today was amazing best results I've seen in a long time for my skin!
Both Sally & I had studied Beauty together many years ago, I am super proud of all your achivements Sal you have come such a long way!!
Keep up the good work �
Treen A.
11:07 26 May 18
Had my first appointment with Sally and so happy with my overall experience, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and a true professional. Highly recommend
Linda S.
02:59 06 Apr 18
Awesome service great prices excellent advice.... definitely recommend.
Dane O.
09:00 06 Mar 18
Loving my glowing skin �
My skin feels so smooth and soft �
Monique G.
03:07 15 Aug 17
Melanie B.
01:21 05 Aug 17
Karina P.
11:34 01 Aug 17
Kristin De S.
09:06 01 Aug 17
Brodie L.
05:33 01 Aug 17
Ange E.
05:21 01 Aug 17
Sally A.
04:17 01 Aug 17
Loving my glowing skin after my treatment xo thank you Sally looking to the next treatment
Emie W.
02:00 01 Aug 17
Jade G.
22:50 23 Jun 17
Beautiful staff, really painless treatments, wonderful service and an overall beautiful store. Couldn't recommend this place more highly �
Kloe D.
05:39 13 Feb 17