Esthemax Hydrojelly Cica Complexion Care


Scar Treatment

Cica Complex Care helps to increase blood flow to wounds, reduce the formation of excess scar tissue, and improve skin elasticity. It reduces the appearance of superficial and deep wrinkles, firming up the skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen and support the basic “glue” that holds our cells together.

This formula diminishes the appearance of blemishes and restores the look of the skin’s strength, health and vitality while enhancing the skins renewal process.

Skin Types

Sensitive and blemishes, acne and scars, wounds and distressed skin.

  • A new generation mask boosted with;
  • · Pure Hydrating Algae
  • · Nourishing Actives
  • · Electrolyte technology

The skin cannot absorb or retain water without the proper balance of electrolytes. The key is infusion of electrolytes; Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Phosphorous, Bicarbonate & Sodium Pyrophosphate.

When there is lack of water/hydration within the skin there is also less inter-cellular communication which makes all cellular processes less efficient

2 Hydrojelly masks, 2 Trays, 1 spatula & 1 scoop. Biodegradable tray! throw it away without feeling guilty.

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